Monday, May 14, 2012

She's ours!

After a weekend of fun with Peaches (can't get over that name), we are now her owners. We fell in love with her, the kids adore her, and her owner realized that to find someone/somewhere who could love her and give her attention is too important to take her away from it again. My heart breaks for her owner. We all have lost dogs, and it is such a painful experience.
Peaches is doing well. She walked into our house on Friday night without so much as one jump, bark, or annoying behavior. She is a little...okay a lot overweight. We have been walking her, and she's thrown up a couple of times after. But it's good for her to move around more.
Brady, who has been forever scared of dogs, loves her. He calls her Doggie. Thad mistakenly calls her Lazzie, because she looks like my parents' old bulldog.
So now we have five kids. Literally a dog is like a child. She needs to be wiped down every time she takes a drink, her folds, eyes, and ears need to be cleaned daily (if not more), and she has horrid smelling gas.

I will provide more pictures soon....

Tonight Thad and I are going to coach Olivia's tball team. It's her first night. It's my first time as a coach. This should be...interesting.  I have to leave tball early and run Ryan to his orchestra concert. Then I will sit in a sweltering gym  with several hundred other people while it's 85 degrees outside. So it will be around 105 in there. Whoo hoo.

Tomorrow is the AP government test. I can't believe I made it. I can't believe my students made it with me.I've gained around 8-10 lbs in the last few months. I'm pretty ticked about that. I guess when I eat healthier more often I don't gain so fast. Whoops.  I was blaming hockey. Now I'm blaming work and soccer. Then I will blame baseball. What would be the best choice is to blame myself, only eat healthy, find time to work out more (impossible), and just quit blaming everyone and everything else.


Stephanie said...

Congratulations on your newest family member!!! The Stafford family was not complete without a Bulldog. I thought it was amazing that you offered to foster a dog knowing just how difficult it would be to send her back home in January. Peaches hit the jackpot with your family and I am sure her former owner feels the same way. I can't wait to see more pictures of her :) said...

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