Saturday, March 26, 2011

A lesson on inspiration and humility

If you so desire, check out my friend Vicky's blog.
Vicky is kind, humble, fun, sweet, a deep thinker, creative, and happy. She is the mother to two sweet boys, Nolan and Colton. Nolan and Ryan have played hockey together for years and have been on the same travel team the last two years. Colton is a sweetheart. My girls love Vicky. We all love her really.
Vicky was diagnosed with breast cancer a week ago. Yesterday she received the news that it's stage 4. She isn't giving up, nor are her friends and family who love her dearly.
Read her blog and follow her journey. She is finding the good in the crappiest of situations.
If you are even further inclined, add the little graphic to your blog like I have. I'd love to tell you how I did it, but...yeah I'm not that smart.
Here's to Vicky--a mom, a friend, a wife, and now more than ever, a fighter with so much grace and dignity, it will leave you humbled.


Anonymous said...

Well said Bonnie!

Vicky said...

Oh Bonnie, I'm having such a hard time wrapping my little brain around all the extremely kind and generous things everyone is doing and saying. Thank you so much. You all hold me up and make me feel like I can. So glad to have you as my friend!

Stephanie said...

We need more strong women like Vicky in this world! She is truly an inspiration.

Be the change... said...

Great post for a great person. Thank you for introducing me to Vicky. We actually physically met last summer at a Chinese restaurant and I just love her!

Jenay said...

Bon- I read this two days ago and I am still processing it. I have not been able to get Vicky off my mind!! I am praying like mad for her and her sweet boys.