Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A belated birthday

A belated Happy Birthday to my now FIVE year old daughter Olivia Grace. Her birthday was May 10th. I came home from my vacation that evening. I felt guilty about missing a portion of her birthday, but she could have cared less. And what a whirlwind birthday week she had!
Thad took all the kids and his mom to the cities a few hours before I flew out to Sin City. They went to stay with his sister Stacy. Thad's brother also was in the cities that weekend, and Thad hadn't seen him for five years.
They gave Olivia a party which was originally what she said she wanted to do for her birthday: have a party at Aunt Stacy's. She got her wish. Then she celebrated her bday at daycare, preschool, and we had a family/neighbor party last Wed.
To know Olivia is to love her. She is happy, charming, silly, and downright as easy going as they come. I don't think she really cared that we didn't go out until last weekend to buy her "big" gift: a new bike. It even dawned on me that we could have skipped it, and she would have stayed happy as a clam. Happy Birthday Olivia!

In other news: Ryan had his 4th grade track meet today. All the 4th graders from all the schools in Mhd were there. I went back and forth to watch, and I dragged up to 38 extra spectators (read: students) with me. For as bizarre as my time was there, I got to see him participate in all of his four events! He did the 100 meter dash, high jump, 4x4 co-ed relay, and the mile. He took 8th in the 100 meter dash, so that was fun.
His "friend" has been calling several times a day. Tonight as he was brushing his teeth, he told me they were going out. Then she called and told him that her mom said she couldn't have a boyfriend. Thank you mom! Sadly, I think he is/was a little irked. I told him that I didn't think it was necessary either. I am walking a fine line with what I say. It's so odd that he is confiding in me about this, and I don't want to push him away. Let's see if the phone stops ringing nonstop now.

Kate is Kate. She is part ditzy, part super sweet and kind, and another part diva. She is a typical girl I guess!?
Brady is still only playing with pots, pans, spatulas, and measuring cups. I am getting weirded out to be honest.


Erin said...

Maybe Brady is a celebrity chef in the making. Happy Birthday, sweet Olivia!

Kris said...

Well for the last two weeks Lucy has been adding "because I'm three" to almost every sentence so if that is weird I don't know what is. The first two times were cute and now it's bordering on sending me to a looney bin!

ABCDH said...

She's 5???!!!???

Be the change you want to see in the world... said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! You are after all my favorite third child of Bonnie's :).

Vicky said...

Love the photo of Olivia... happy belated birthday :) Ahh Brady... I was always sad when mine no longer wanted to play with kitchen utensils.

Nolan asked me about being on fb and I said "No, Ryan Stafford is not allowed either..." and he was surprisingly okay with it then :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated to Olivia! I love it when you post your kids pics. They are so adorable.