Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sad news

Update: this is a picture of Giggy (on the left) and Chad Olson (another teacher). They brought a box of pink cigars, roses, and balloons. Some of his comments about me:
1. Stafford retains more water than the Devil's Lake basin when she's pregnant.
2. Give Stafford a baby to hold, and she has a baby nine months later.
3. You look like a human speed bump.
4. I am going to call social services since O.G. isn't enrolled in violin lessons yet.
5. Next year Olivia Grace gets a pony.
6. I just feel bad for Thad.....for having to put up with you
Don't worry, the banter between us went both ways. There is a facebook group about him already. 600 kids and counting have signed up to be a part of it.

My colleague & possibly a former teacher to you or a spouse, Kurt Gigstad, passed away this morning. It was not expected. For those of you who remember him (AJ do you remember always talking to him by our locker?) he was the funniest guy. He was also the most caring guy I know. He visited me just two hours after Olivia was born. He brought her a gift when she turned two. We were so thrilled to watch him become a grandpa in February. I could go on and on about the Gigster, but the theme is the same: He genuinely cared for others, and in turn, we all loved him. Our department will never be the same.
Please go to the Wright Funeral Home website and leave any kind thoughts or memories to share with his family.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that your week has been filled with so many painful things. Let me know how I can be supportive to you and your family!


ABCDH said...

The name I remember, but would be nice to see a picture. (I do not have your very colorful and vivid memory!).
Such sad news.

ABCDH said...

Thanks for posting the picture, it definitely hits home.

ABCDH said...

In response to your comment. I know! Too much to be freaked out about these days! No more diving boards at local pools, helmets for a walk down the street, food that will kill you, vaccinations that will give you autism. Good gravy.

ABCDH said...

Soon, that's all I can say.