Tuesday, April 24, 2012


AJ's post inspired me. How can kids be so different yet come from the same pool of genes? I would argue the greatest of differences lies between my sister and I. Just the other day she said, "Boy we are different. From personalities, to coloring, to body shape, everything." She's so right.

Ryan: Hot and cold. Strong willed. Pushes until there is a breaking point. Only will give up if he gets his way or has lost several privileges. Autonomous, athletic, funny as heck, very quick on his toes, and at the same time, one big fat giant pill in our house day in and day out.

Kate: Warm. Bizarre as all heck. Loves being weird to get a reaction.  Unique, creative, unaffected by perceptions of her, doesn't care about peer pressure, and by far the most loving of our kids. Tells us every night she loves us, kisses us good night, offers kind words daily. Tries to be mean to Olivia when we aren't looking and can be quite sassy.

Olivia:  Less hot and cold. Her emotions aren't tied to anger, but frustration/crying. Private like Ryan. Cries when things don't go her way. Easily hurt. Seems to need a lot of reinforcement in general. Hardest to feed.  Yet she is easy...easy to please, easy to have around, not annoying at all, and overall very sweet. Easy but rather needy.

Brady:  Always been happy, easy, kind, loving, etc. Recently has become strong willed. Loves his daddy. Loves his big sister "lii-ee-uh" and loves the big kids who come over.  Makes everyone smile and is quick witted. Just last night insisted when we got his hair cut that he wanted it "up." I figured out he wanted a buzz cut. So we got him a buzz cut. I'm realizing he is growing up terribly fast as the result of having older siblings.