Friday, October 28, 2011

I jinxed it

Brady was a wreck at gymnastics last night....unless I was in the room with him. He did well for the first five or so minutes. Then he bawled and begged for me.
I guess no child is 100% ever predictable or easy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Okay here I go...twice in a week. I haven't posted pics on here forever. Sorry you have to wait.

I am thankful today for Brady. The child is always happy...well mostly. Don't get me wrong, he does many things that drive me crazy like dumping out and wasting my vanilla, garlic powder, Lowrys, pulling up a chair and practically standing ontopofme while I make dinner, crawls into our bed almost every single night when we are out of it and don't realize it, splashes water all over the floor during bathtime, or sometimes misses the toilet when he goes potty....

But really? The kid is a gem. He gets himself dressed most mornings. He chooses bizarre outfits, normally insists on wearing an athletic jersey, and has his underwear or pants on backwards (like today), but hey, he does it.

As my mom says, he is so industrious. He just gets stuff done. He doesn't whine and ask for us to do stuff, he just makes it happen. Sometimes this leads to disasters, but oftentimes, it is so refreshing for us.

To quote my mom again, "And to think we were worried about you having a fourth child...."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I've fallen...

...of the blogging wagon. It's not that my family has nothing going on. It's quite the opposite in fact. We are simply too busy. So here's another lame update...
Ryan is in sixth grade. He says little about school. His grades are awesome, and he was chosen as student of the month by his science teacher, so I guess he's doing well!? His conferences were excellent as well. He just wrapped up football yesterday. He played his final game in the Fargodome. They had a great season, but unfortunately I missed most of his games due to soccer. More on that later. He still plays cello, and has begun try outs for Pee Wee hockey. He is never home. When he is home, he picks fights with all of us, but Brady. I love this boy more than I can say, and I pray one day he will say it back...and actually talk to me.

Kate is in fourth grade. She loves school and everything about it. She is also doing very well. I was surprised at her teacher's observation that she is a perfectionist. Who Kate? Our Kate? Thad and I couldn't stop shaking our heads at that one. She started soccer this fall. For someone who had never played and isn't very competitive she did quite well. She scored the game winning goal in her last game, and that was the only game they won! She is always with her girlfriends in the neighborhood. They are so lucky to have each other.

Olivia is in first grade. She also started playing soccer. The first practice all she did was cry. I was expecting the worst. By the second game she was quite the little player. She runs non stop and even got a little aggressive toward the end. She is learning to read, and we are working out counting by twos and fives. Bad mommy Bonnie hadn't focused on that...oops. She is still very shy at school, but she has some sweet little girls there who are her buddies. Tomorrow she starts gymnastics with her friend Grace.

Brady...oh my little Brady. Brady turned THREE on October 1. When all my other kids were three I was either expecting a baby or had just had one. Alas....that's all folks. Brady is obsessed with the kitchen and sports. He wears Ryan's pads, the girls' jerseys, and constantly dumps out spices in my cupboard. Yesterday we lost the vanilla and garlic powder. He is also potty trained!
He is my love and is happy 95% of the time.

Damn this sounds like a Christmas letter....eek. I'll try to write more often, but don't get your hopes up too high.