Tuesday, August 30, 2011

when it rains....

....it pours. Literally.
Today I went back to work. I could feel based on my lowering patience with my children that it was time. I am not ready to be a working mom again, but never once have I disliked my job or what I do. The adjustment period always takes a little getting used to.
And of course, like the old saying goes, "when it rains..."
1. I woke up around 5:30. Early. Too early.
2. Worked my tail off all day listening to meetings (more work to sit still actually), unpacking what is my fifth classroom, organizing, putting up posters, and figuring out what the first few days will be like.
3. I got Brady, coaxed him to watch a video so I could just chill for a bit, and...yeah that didn't go well. He talked non stop and asked me every 15 seconds if we could go outside and then told me he wouldn't get wet.
4. Thad came home mad. I guess Ryan's brand new bike has a mangled wheel. Oh did that set him off. Then I got crabby because Ryan didn't unload the dishwasher. This was his one job today, and it's his daily chore. I even reminded him at lunch. So he lost friends for the night.
5. Then Kate decided to break out the Easy Bake oven right before supper, make a huge mess, and then complain that she couldn't eat her dessert prior to dinner. Ahhh!
6. We ate, cleaned up, and got ready for Ryan's back to school night. I said the whole family is going. So there. Deal. Suck it up. What a great idea right? Uh....wrong.
Brady was fine for the first meeting. The second meeting, he wouldn't sit, mimicked football plays (including sliding across the floor in front of the teachers numerous times), yelling hut and touchdown, and even loudly passed gas (and announced it).
7. The the kids went to their lockers. Only that must of taken too long, because Brady found something else to occupy his time. The fire alarm. Yep, pulled it. I looked at Thad and said, "Fix it!" He said he couldn't. Hello you are a cop! Do your thing.
Let me just interject that while I love Thad, he tends to not do well under chaotic family pressure. So I had to go find the principal, explain it was my son, and no not my sixth grade son who I think she was ready to report to the police.
Of course I made no secret it was my kid. I mean, can you make this stuff up????
8. Got home, Thad left for the bar (thanks dear) for a going away party, bathed Brady, got the other kids to pick up, and then....the night got a little ugly.
9. Ryan and Kate started fighting. I sent them to bed. Brady drank water, ran to the corner of the girls' room, and spit it on the carpet. Again, he is mimicking football players. So then I scolded him. Olivia decided she wanted to be scolded too, so this old rag of a mom ended up sending all the kids to bed abruptly.
10. I need more patience.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I've neglected my blog...and now there is just too much that has happened to post.
Quick summary:

-Ryan's baseball team had their state tournament. They did....okay. He had a great year of pitching.
--Thad and I went to Vegas. Our date week was great!
--I signed the girls up for fall soccer. This should be....interesting.
--I signed Brady up for Parent/Tot gymnastics this fall.
--I have not put much time at all into my new class in January. I'm screwed.
--I have managed to read eight books this summer. I'm not done either. Reading = escape.
--Ryan had two weeks of hockey camp, one week of orchestra camp, and now is in football. He pays the Star Spangled Banner on Thursday at the Twins game. Thad and I will be there!
--I caved and bought Ryan a cell phone yesterday. There are many rules and his behavior will dictate whether or not he has it much.
--Above mentioned child is dealing with some anxiety. He's been sleeping in the girls' room on an air mattress. Before that, he'd come in every night and end up on our floor. Of course he won't admit to it, but something is up and I'm a little concerned.
--I am rushing around tying up loose ends this week: hair cuts, dental appointments, etc.
--I am taking Ryan to the middle school today for his school pictures, etc. How is he this old?!
--I think I am cutting my hair off tomorrow...okay not off, but a few inches shorter. It's time.
--I decided one day a couple of weeks ago to potty train Brady. He is doing awesome!

But...here's where I need help. It's been awhile since I've had a little boy. He's obsessed with his penis. Like seriously obsessed. He informs me that he has one all.the.time. I grabbed it in Walmart and even yelled it! Last night he asked me to see it, and proceeded to show me it was....in an altered state. Help!