Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One down & one to go

Olivia's mole surgery went very well yesterday. In fact, she doesn't know that she has stiches. She keeps showing people her knee as the location of her owie. I am kicking myself for not having my camera. She was a hit with the nurses...and you should have seen her once her sedative kicked in! She almost fell over. It was funny. In all seriousness though, she was a champ, and not one tear was shed!
Now we have to clear up her ear infection, get rid of her sinusitis, and get those darn tonsils and adnoids out!
If things aren't crazy enough, Ryan had a tooth pulled today. Thank goodness for summer vacation!

Friday, June 22, 2007

We're back!

We returned from our trip late Tuesday night. We had a fabulous time--no complaints other than Olivia having a terrible cold and Kate's eczema flaring up due to the chlorine. I learned a few things about my kids. Ryan--aka Mr. Stud--does not like roller coasters, dark rides, or pretty much anything he can't see before he rides it. Kate--aka--Ms. Shy girl--loves the thrill rides. Go figure!
I have to admit...now I have 'the blahs.' I love to have a trip to plan, research, and obsess over. Now that I don't, I feel a bit lost. I know I am not providing any good details of our trip. I am not good at that. I do, however, have about 250 pictures that I took.....
This morning I brought Olivia in to the ENT. She is having her tonsils and adenoids removed on July 6. I am scared for her, but I am grateful that it can be done while I am home during the summer. This means Thad and I can't go to Dallas for Premier Designs Rally, but family comes first. The poor girl is also having a mole removed down near her pelvis on Monday and has to be put under for that. Keep her in your prayers please!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Kate!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Kate. June 4, 2002, seems like yesterday. I still remember the shock I felt seeing that she was a baby girl!
As Grandpa Wayne says, "I love you more than frogs!" We will put pictures up after her family frog party.