Monday, March 21, 2011

weekend update

No this isn't SNL-style, although sometimes my life feels like a comedy skit, and I'm the butt of the jokes.
Katie and I returned from an absolutely fabulous trip to Washington DC/Maryland with my dear friends Ryan & Kara, and their sweet daughter Kate. It couldn't have been better. The flights were on time/early, we got to see all that we planned, we had wonderful weather, amazing meals, to die for cupcakes, great drinks, little sleep, good conversations, and made many special memories.
It was a mother's dream to travel with one child who was (for the most part) agreeable. I did have to scold her a few times in front of Ryan, but hey, I'm a mom even in front of my hosts.
It was a history teacher's dream to see all the sites through the eyes of a child. I could go there again tomorrow. I want to. There are so many more places I want to see that we didn't have time to get to.
It was a busy mother's dream to escape for a few days. It's been a long winter with hockey. This was much needed. Thad graciously cared for the herd of kids, and never once complained. Thank you Thad!

Waiting outside Ford's Theater..

and after at the diner across the street called Lincoln's Waffle House (I think). It was amazing....and the extra order of bacon that I ordered really hit the spot. This was one of Kate's favorite things about the trip. It's the small things isn't it?
Ryan and I have butted heads many, many times over politics. But, he is a great guy, and we enjoy talking about music and stuff that won't get us in arguments. He was an excellent tour guide, other than the fact that he can't navigate for crap. Thank God for Kara. ;)

Then we hit the White House...

On Saturday we did the entire mall/Tidel Basin area....the was a little brisk that day, but eventually it warmed up.
This is "little" Kate....such a doll.

The Kates enjoyed one another.

The Jefferson Memorial is in the background. We were a little chilly at this point.
Kara and I met while working at Kohl's back in 1996. She happened to be dating my classmate from high school & even elementary school. Small world. We've always stayed in touch.
This is at the FDR Memorial. Ryan and I disagree about the effectiveness of FDR's policies during the Great Depression. He uses facts to make his decisions. I use feelings. See? We're different. But, to his credit, he agreed to take a picture with me and Franklin....but it seriously looks like a Grosz studio senior photo moment. Scary.

This was at the WWII Memorial...I loved seeing these two bond. Too sweet, seriously.
I don't have any photos of Kate's other highlights: dinner at The Melting Pot--YUM, Lucy the pug, or the cats.
All in all it was great. We both want to go back, and Olivia does too. We've talked Memorial weekend, but Thad says no. Whatever!


Be the change... said...

So, so, so FUN!

Dr. J said...

We loved having you and "big" Kate around :) You're welcome back anytime!

Vicky said...

I love DC and its been soooo long since I've been there. How awesome you got to share this experience with Kate. She is at an age she will never forget. I am beyond jealous you got to go to the cupcake place- how yummy. I hope you get to go again soon!